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Taking the leap

What makes a great company in farming? In the case of Connect OnFarm, the answer lies much deeper than what appears on the surface.

The roots took hold over many years, through a lifetime of experience of the co-founders — Wes Friesen and Calvin Ginter. They have expanded over three years of strong business growth, fueled by fresh opportunities and outstanding customers, and the expansion of the core team to include office manager Cleuza Friesen and on farm representative Rick Barca.

The business started based on the realization by Cal and Wes that a fresh approach was needed for the industry. Both had long careers with other feed companies but had become disillusioned with how things had evolved. Bigger wasn’t better. Customers weren’t happy dealing with corporate bureaucracy and a revolving door of people. They weren’t happy with the lack of choice of dealing with one product supplier.

Customers wanted a closer, more personal and dedicated relationship with people who they could rely on as a true extension of their team. Even more so, they wanted a partner they could depend on as an extension of their family – trusted people invested in the farming operation for the long-term. People who would truly connect, on farm, and be there every step of the way to support the journey to success.

Today Connect OnFarm stands at the leading edge of a wealth of new opportunities, expanding its customer base substantially in recent months both in Western Canada and further into the U.S. 

“We couldn’t be happier with how things have gone so far,” says Cal Ginter. “For us this business is all about supporting the real people and real farmers on the front line who make it work everyday. We have been fortunate to have the support of excellent customers. And we have benefitted from outstanding suppliers who we have been able to rely on from day one. We’re grateful to work in farming and we’re excited about the future.”


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