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Science changing the game

The world of bio-based innovation is evolving at a rapid pace and that means a lot of good things as everyone from farmers to food companies faces new challenges. Having the opportunity to work in a number of key areas at the forefront of this evolution gives a front row seat to a new generation of progress taking shape. 

How to meet new expectations for reduced antibiotics or antimicrobial use? How about taking better advantage of new knowledge on best management, including the use of feed and nutrition based strategies. This is just one example of an area where science-based innovation is changing the game. And a lot of the advancement is happening right here in Western Canada. 

It's delivering new options, like Encompas5 enzyme technology from Connect OnFarm -- a state-of-the-art feed enzyme formulation that provides across-the-board animal performance and environmental benefits, including advantages for "raised without antibiotics" systems.

It's delving deeper into important questions, like University of Manitoba research into examining the value of different types of feed supplements under different types of diets. It's creating brand new areas of progress, like multi-carbohydrase feed enzyme technology and other bio-based product options pioneered by Calgary-based Canadian Bio-Systems, now making inroads worldwide while aligning with sustainability trends

These examples from the world of animal feed are just a snapshot of the exciting progress taking hold at a broader level in many areas encompassing agriculture, food, health, eco, broader resource industries and more. They reflect a new paradigm of inter-connectedness ("one health" concept, etc.) and sustainability-focused advancement that is helping not only to solve short-term economic and market challenges but also to create a better long-term future.

It's an exciting time to be involved in these areas and that's a big part of what energizes us at We are grateful to work with a number of clients who are always 'thinking next' and helping not only to support a strong future but also to create it.


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