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Moving the chains

Starting a new company from scratch and building it into something great is something many dream about. It's amazing to have the opportunity to work with those who actually pull it off.

At, we are fortunate to work with Connect OnFarm -- a company built on serving producers and helping farming operations become more profitable, innovative and sustainable, through a range of services and products based around nutrition programs for livestock.

The company started three years ago and built on strong founders and an outstanding culture has experienced nothing but steady progress -- always "moving the chains" forward to help farmers and participate in the advancement of the industry.

This week the progress continues as Connect OnFarm announces the appointment of a new senior on-farm representative as part of its expanding team servicing customers in Canada and the US.  Industry veteran Rick Barva joins the team bringing a wealth of experience and relationships, along with a passion for helping farming operations maximize opportunities.

“We’re very excited to welcome Rick on board,” says Cal Ginter of Connect OnFarm. “It’s a big role. It’s also a very important step for Connect OnFarm, as our business continues to grow during an exciting time of evolution in the industry. We wanted someone who, first and foremost, would complement our community – someone who would fit well as part of the team, the family really, that includes not just Connect OnFarm but also our customers, partners and suppliers.

“Rick fits the culture we are building. He brings a lot of knowledge and insight that will benefit everyone involved with Connect OnFarm.”

Barva was raised near Lethbridge as part of a long-time ranching family that grew its cattle feeding business into one of the largest in the area at the time. His natural enthusiasm for agriculture and the people who make it work led him to a degree in agriculture from the University of Alberta, with a double major in animal nutrition and finance.

Since then through several agricultural sales representative and banking/finance roles, Barva has built a strong reputation and become well familiar to many in western Canadian agriculture, particularly in the tight-knit swine community. Barva is also currently a director of the Alberta Pork Congress and has served in a number of industry service and leadership positions over the years.

“I couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity,” says Barva. “I’m really looking forward to working with the Connect OnFarm community and, especially, contributing at the farm level.

“The Connect OnFarm approach is all about finding ways to help farming operations fully identify and capture the opportunities they have for success. That way of looking at things is always what I have enjoyed most about working in agriculture, along with of course the people. This feels like a very natural fit for me. I know many of the Connect OnFarm customers already and I can’t wait to get more involved with contributing to the growing team and customer base. I feel like this is exactly where I want to be and there is a lot to look forward to.”


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