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Summit of success

We are fortunate to work with some outstanding organizations who are helping to advance knowledge and innovation across different business sectors. A top example is Results Canada, host of the 2018 Business Execution Summit (BEx 2018) that will take place February 25-27, 2018 at the newly renovated Delta Kananaskis Resort.

BEx 2018 is Canada's only business execution focused conference that brings together a roster of world-class speakers and business leaders to share the critical information, new technology and cutting-edge research needed to prosper in today's business environment.

"In many ways, Canada is losing ground to its global counterparts when it comes to business growth and productivity. If we don't change our approach to building businesses, the gap is only going to widen. BEx has proven to be a catalyst for growth-minded leaders to up their game for the advancement of our whole country," said Tim O'Connor, CEO of Results Canada.

Speakers at BEx 2018 include Jim Harris, author of Blindsided, an international bestseller published in 80 countries; John Spence, world-renowned business strategist, and author of Awesomely Simple; and Terry Small, master teacher and Canada's leading learning skills specialist.

"There is no shortage of bright people with interesting ideas," Spence said, "but there is a huge shortage of people with the ability to consistently execute these ideas to deliver results in the marketplace."

Joining founding partner Results Canada at this event are presenting partners CompuVision Systems Inc, Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers Ltd, and Pomeroy Lodging LP. Other partners include Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP, Top Draw Inc, and the Calgary Construction Association.

To register and get further details visit the website:

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