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Onward and upward

At a time when the North American feed industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation driven by new rules, heightened market expectations and groundbreaking technology advances, a growing number of major farming operations are opting to take charge of their futures by embracing a stronger direct role in feed production and feed additive innovation.

A top example leading this trend is New Rosedale Colony Farms Ltd., based near Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. After establishing a strong legacy as one of the first major farming operations to enter the commercial feed business, under its New Rosedale Feedmill brand, the trailblazing farming enterprise is now in final stages of a multi-pronged expansion slated for completion this fall.

Doubling main feedmill capacity

This expansion includes large-scale additions to the main mill that will more than double New Rosedale’s professionally mixed commercial feed production capacity, including complete feeds for swine, poultry, beef and dairy, along with other diversified livestock and equine. The operation has also extended its network of partnerships with feed dealers across the western region, added to its roster of animal nutritionists and – perhaps most cutting-edge –  worked with an industry partner to develop and launch New Rosedale’s first custom branded feed additive technology, the next generation multi-activity enzyme supplement “Rozyme Plus.”

“We have felt the time is now to move ahead aggressively,” says Stan Baer of New Rosedale Colony Farms Ltd. “With the changes impacting the feed industry there is increasing incentive for the approaches and products we are providing. As producers ourselves, we know first-hand the growing importance of feed and nutrition. It’s an area of opportunity where advances in production, knowledge and technology can be applied to create more profitability at the farm level. Better feed and better nutrition means better livestock.  It’s an area where we believe we can make a difference in supporting a healthy and competitive industry.”

Meeting today’s needs, expanding dealer network

Livestock producers and industry are shifting to meet new standards on judicious use of antibiotics, with the Veterinary Feed Directive now fully implemented in the U.S. and similar regulations coming into effect Dec. 1, 2018 in Canada.

This shift places more emphasis on maximizing other avenues of supporting health and performance such as more tailored and strategic approaches to feed and nutrition, including taking advantage of the latest feed technology options. “There is a lot of new activity to be excited about,” says Baer. “But at the same time our focus doesn’t change. Our business is about farmers working with fellow farmers to provide the best options and nutritional needs for their livestock. We’ve never been in a better position to deliver this approach. We’re looking forward to the future.”

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Delivering on vision

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