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Feature Q&A: Roundtable: Canadian Bio-Systems and Nuscience

Canadian Bio-Systems and Nuscience discuss the new world taking shape and what it means for global industry, production and the interface with a diverse and dynamic international marketplace.   

“Better Together” via partnership

“The future is partnership. We are ‘Better Together,’” says Rob Goedegebuure, Global Lead, Health4U Feed Additives, Nuscience. “It’s an exciting time. We see that markets around the world are embracing change and innovation. We are ready with the solutions needed to take all aspects of livestock production to the next level, with benefits for everyone from the farmer to the consumer.”

Aligning with the needs of both today and the future

“There are a lot of positives happening — no question. We see numerous examples here at EuroTier,” says Rob Patterson, Technical Director with Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.). “We are seeing strong uptake of new innovations progressive companies. Everyone is looking to align production strategies with a range of both current and emerging market opportunities. There is a lot of rising interest to learn more about new ideas and new solutions at a time of rapid industry evolution.”

Eye on the prize: One common goal

“We all share one goal – working together to provide improved solutions,” says Goedegebuure. “We are in an exciting industry, at an exciting time. We have the opportunity to help with the challenge of how to more efficiently feed an increasing world population – and how to do so profitably and sustainably. The central solution is through science-based innovation.”

Potential for strong advancements around the world

“At EuroTier, we see the global livestock production sector is making huge huge strides,” says Patterson. “The potential for strong advancements in livestock production around the world has been increasing for a while now. But today the new wave of innovative technology is among the key factors that are turning this promise into reality.”

Embracing new opportunities

“The future is extremely bright – I truly believe that,” Goedegebuure. “Our philosophy, for everyone involved in livestock production from farm to plate, is that we are all in this together. We are better together. It’s about innovation. It’s about feeding the world. It’s about continually finding new and better ways to produce food. What fuels my optimism? The progress I see every day in my role at Nuscience. I am encouraged and inspired by our tremendous partners and customers. Every day presents a new opportunity to move forward.”

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