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Touchdown Hannover: Spotlight on EuroTier

Touchdown Hannover: Spotlight on EuroTier

The world of animal agriculture is coming together at EuroTier 2018, the leading international fair for animal production Nov. 13-16 in Hannover, Germany, with more than 2,500 exhibitors from 62 countries sharing knowledge and innovation. sermo.wire is here with the latest stories making waves. 

“I wish you the very best for EuroTier 2018,” said Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, in his welcoming address for the fair. “With the tremendous number of exhibitors and 156,000 visitors expected, it will certainly be a busy time for all of you. But I’m sure you will put on a very good show, befitting your reputation as the world’s leading trade fair for livestock professionals.”

Hanover plays host to the world

The atmosphere at EuroTier reflects a vision for the future of food and farming that highlights the commercial opportunities in relation to growing global food demand. But equally showcased is the drive for innovation to enhance the sustainability of agricultural production in order to achieve a vital and prosperous future for the industry.

Tackling the big questions

During countless meetings and discussions amid arguably the worlds best opportunity for agriculture related networking, the buzz around the event is focused on a number of complex questions. How can agriculture meet growing world demand while doing more for the environment? How can the industry tackle animal diseases while maintaining a strong commitment to quality and sustainability? How can the sector best incorporate new technologies and innovations into the livestock production process?

Showcase of innovations

Arguably no other agricultural fair in the world provides a showcase the opportunities to innovate to address all of these questions and more.

The show also includes a massive diversity of technical forums, including a cross-species Special Show and broad range of topics and solutions discussed in panel and expert speaker sessions. Taken as a whole, the Technical Programme at EuroTier 2018 offers animal farmers a comprehensive overview of current trends, covering all aspects of cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep and goat.

Hanover plays host to the world

This year’s featured technical special session focuses on "Digital Animal Farming,” dialing in on the importance of digitalization for modern livestock farming. This session is presented by DLG together with partners from industry, science and consulting.

Among numerous short lectures and discussion rounds planned at EuroTier, a number of high-profile topics gaining particularly strong attention include: economic efficiency, animal health and welfare, as well as transparency and quality in production processes.

Taking livestock production to a new level

“All of these topics are are the key to long-term successful prospects in livestock farming,” according to the EuroTier organizing committee. “An increasingly digitally networked world offers new possibilities to successfully combine productivity and animal welfare as well as information management and the sustainable use of natural resources. To achieve this, farmers need good know-how and efficiently networked technologies.”

It’s all here in Hannover

Four days. Over 150,000 people. Seemingly endless halls of state-of-the-art booth exhibits. These are just a few of the elements making EuroTier 2018 a seminal event for the world agricultural industry, providing a widow on the current state of world agriculture as well as the many catalysts of change shaping the future. Hannover plays host to the world, and it’s an amazing setting made better by the outstanding German hospitality. The cutting-edge. The transformational. The future of farming . . . it’s all here at Hannover 13 - 16 November 2018. Follow at EuroTier.

Perspectives on progress

Delivering on vision