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Breaking down barriers

Thinking different is a key to innovation.

Especially concerning the future of food.

Wilbur-Ellis Feed, LLC, a marketer and distributor of value-added ingredients for livestock and food industries has embraced fresh thinking in pork production with the launch of Engest™ -- a ground-breaking new option for swine operations to enhance sow performance and welfare in the new ‘post VFD’ world. 

Engest is a first-of-its kind feed technology uniquely designed to support the needs of sows, particularly during critical periods such as lactation. Engest is a natural, bio-based feed additive, simple to add to existing sow diets, that mitigates the negative impacts of stress while optimizing feed efficiency, gut health and nutrition capture.

“The sow is really the engine that drives swine production,” says Wilbur-Ellis Feed’s Midwest Nutrition Sales Manager Bryce Martin. “Yet, while there have been strong gains through genetics and management approaches, it’s also a focal point that has been largely untouched by feed additives.

Engest is designed to open the door for feed additives much wider as an option tailored to the needs of sows that delivers a quick, reliable and sustained return on investment, says Martin. “It gives producers the opportunity to capture a lot of profit potential that has been largely untapped. It’s a ‘win-win’ tool that is good for the animals and also good for production.

Engest also serves as a viable alternative to not only meet, but far exceed the production benefits associated with medicated feed, providing a timely and valuable option following the January 1, 2017, full implementation of the new Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD), which greatly restricts medicated feed use.

“With Engest, producers ensure they get the most out of genetics and management approaches because those aspects are not undermined by stress or sub-optimal or depleted nutrition. For example, we see some approaches hitting the elusive 30 pigs per sow level – Engest can help support and bring in sustainable results to that type of achievement.” 

Taking charge

Thinking NEXT