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Taking charge

Industries constantly evolve. The world of animal agriculture is no exception. At, we're fortunate to work with organizations not just reacting to change but fueling positive improvement. A leading example is Alberta Farm Animal Care. 

Progress, challenges and opportunities related to continued advancement in livestock housing were outlined at a recent Alberta Farm Animal Care Advisory Council session.  The event, designed for AFAC members featured speakers from across different livestock species and production sectors, with an aim to support discussion and debate, information sharing and idea generation.

“Keeping up-to-date, ensuring proper approaches and championing ongoing advances in livestock housing continues to be a major focus of Alberta livestock industries,” says Brent Bushell, General Manager of the Western Hog Exchange and AFAC Finance Chair, who chaired the Advisory Council session on livestock housing. “There are vast differences between livestock species and the unique challenges faced by different sectors with respect to housing. Yet all share a common goal of supporting a high level of care and welfare for the animals while continually improving based on new knowledge and opportunities.

"Responsible care, including housing considerations, is supported by Codes of Practice and other key resources, guidelines and standards for each species. At the same time, all sectors need to always look ahead and keep improving.”

The information and viewpoints exchanged at the session showed that Alberta’s livestock industries are taking strong steps to lead, innovate and manage rising expectations around the increasingly high-profile issue of animal housing, with an aim to support a “Home Sweet Home” for livestock that optimizes welfare and production priorities.

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