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Driving the agenda

How can new science-based knowledge and innovation help Canada’s feed industry build a successful future? What impact will a major regulatory overhaul have on the sector? How will feed industry participants transition to impending new rules which tighten judicious use of antimicrobials?

These are just a few of the many pressing questions facing Canada’s feed industry, as the countdown continues toward the 2nd annual Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada (ANCC), 2-3 May in Edmonton. Organizers for Canada’s leading national conference on animal nutrition are preparing to launch a robust technical programme featuring top international experts who will discuss the latest developments including cutting-edge nutritional strategies for improving performance, profitability and sustainability in the emerging new landscape. is fortunate to help tell the ANCC story and showcase the knowledge featured at the conference.

Science of success

“The conference offers something for everyone involved in the feed industry, with strong science-based sessions covering the latest knowledge and innovations across all major livestock sectors,” says Theunis Wessels of Nutrition Partners and Poultry Partners, industry co-chair of the ANCC Organizing Committee.

The ANCC is open to anyone with an interest in feed innovation and is hosted by the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC), the national trade association for Canada’s feed industry. ANAC members manufacture over 90 percent of Canada’s commercial feed.

Bringing the feed industry together

“The ANCC is about bringing people together across our industry, to share and learn together and also to find opportunities to work together to move our industry forward,” says nutritionist and ANAC Board member Andy Humphreys of Versus Animal Nutrition. “We are looking forward to a great conference.”

Full program details and registration information are all available here. Learn more about the ANAC here.

Adding horsepower

Celebrating milestones